El Mondeño, Tradition and Quality

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Don Juan, Chocolates, Truffles and confectionery producer, is part of Gómez Liñán Hnos, S.L. which was originally founded in 1965 in the southern Spanish city of Estepa, Seville.

Since then, our products have perfectly combined the very best of our confectionery tradition with the most recent quality control and packaging technologies. A very careful and rigorous selection of dry nuts, vegetable oils and other raw materials has always been an essential part of our production process for our Assorted Cookies (Mantecados), Traditional Almond Cookies, Crunchy Delights, Truffles and Truffled Chocolates.

Today, Don Juan is a solid company and can be found in various European countries, America and Asia. Gómez Liñán Hermanos, S.L. is a symbol of high quality products, excellent packaging design, with a traditional touch.

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